Security That Demands Presence

Security That Demands Presence

For most computer users having a username and password is the definition of PC security software. It has however been proven time and again that this method of entering username and password has its own set of loopholes. Firstly, anybody who can enter in a right username password match can login. Secondly, there are these expert hackers who just scan the system from a remote location and can find out about all important access codes. Modern day PC security software is just the apt answer that provides for a futuristic, secure and fool proof method of securing digital content on a PC.

Face Recognition Scan combines the PC with a camera to identify authorized users. Known by the name Logon, the system scans facial biometrics and uses algorithm based calculations to determine the grant of access to the user in front of the system. If no authorized user is present before it, it won’t let access. Once implemented the system does not require keying in user credentials, it scans the person trying to access the system and does the needful.

Why use Logon FRS?

  • Physical user presence required for system access although multiple users (up to 5) can be granted access to one system
  • Hands free login procedure means that none of the users have to key in anything to access the system
  • It does not store a physical image of the user but uses facial biometric algorithms to determine whether the user has the authority to access the system
  • Works with all analogue cameras through video grabber and support IP cameras, USB cameras and all major recognized pc camera brands
  • Allows for user management through robust software that supports screen-locking in case the user is not physically present in front of the system for configurable time duration.

Logon is like giving the computer virtual eyes to see and recognize faces that should be given access to the system without touching or typing.

Managing Education Digitally

Campus management enables tracking students from their doorstep, through boarding the bus, to seating in the classroom. It is the state-of-the-art school management system that provides for everything from managing attendances to making assessments for everyone from student to teachers and parents.

The advanced system incorporates an RFID tag for students combined with a facial recognition scan and sends SMS to the parents or the teachers notifying the concerned about his or her movements. The integrated system is not just intended for spying on school children rather it provides for easing school management.

Campus Management Leverages

  • Complete student management module from student admission, student information to student’s fee management for individual students.
  • Staff information system provides for comprehensive details of staff allocation
  • Automated Attendance Management processes the student attendance and generates need based reports.
  • Financial Accounting System takes care of the accounting aspect of schools activities and is easy enough even for a non-accountant to operate.
  • Hostel Management System allocates students to dormitories and eases the need of those precious hours in planning accommodation.
  • Time Table Generation System, Conveyance Management, Library Management and Inventory Management make managing schools an interesting yet easy task.

Campus management puts the school online from where parents can receive meeting notices, teachers can plan their lessons in lesson planners, students and parents can view the results through interactive login, and parents can be stress-free knowing they will receive an SMS if their child is bunking the class!