Motorola Xoom Vs Apple iPad

Many people who are interested in the iPad are looking for comparable tablet PCs from technology sources other than Apple. Motorola has released the Xoom to try to meet this demand, and a lot of people want to know how it stacks up against Apple´s hugely popular tablet. One should consider the features of both products to make the best choice before purchasing. Here are key features of the Motorola Xoom vs Apple Ipad:

The iPad is slightly smaller than Xoom with a 9.7 inch screen versus the Xoom’s 10.1 inch display. Both are new back-lit LCD type screens that have become popular in portable computing devices. The Xoom has a better wide screen ratio than iPad, however, which renders images more accurately with less distortion.

Xoom´s dual core processor beats iPad with its single core processor. Xoom also has more RAM and HD capability. Apple came out with the iPad before this technology was available, so it is not surprising that Xoom is more powerful. The new generation iPads are expected to have more advanced processors when they are released, so Xoom may have competition in this area very soon.

The Xoom has the most recent Google Android operating system release, which is Honeycomb 3.0. This is said to be a contender for the iOS 4.2 platform that Apple includes with iPad. The rumor is that Android is faster than iOS, but since it is very new and still in development, the Android OS may have bugs in the beginning. Even so, the Xoom allows consumers to use software from other vendors, while Apple will only allow users to download proprietary applications. Xoom wins points for having more options in that department.

A big complaint for Apple iPad fans is the fact that iPad has no USB ports or outputs for HD. For the cost of an Apple, this seems like a real sticking point. Xoom includes BlueTooth outputs as well as microUSB ports so one can connect Xoom to other devices to transfer data. Xoom is also said to have 4G capability to be ready for use when that resource is available. The iPad does not have this for the current generation.

Comparing Motorola Xoom vs Apple iPad could make some Apple fans a little jealous as the Xoom wins by far. Of course, Apple will likely release a more advanced iPad once Xoom makes its debut. Until that day, one might consider the Xoom over the iPad if they want a more powerful media tablet to stay entertained on the move.