An Introduction To Projector Screens

An Introduction To Projector Screens

The purchase of your very first projector is often only the beginning of an opportunity to enhance your experience by adding on a few more accessories. Accessories that go with your projector will particularly include your mounts and your projector screen. Put together for an excellent experience with your projector you will need to spend as much as $1000.00. One of the accessories to consider which is the focus of the discussion is the projector screen.

It would appear in as much as the digital projector technology itself has advanced over the years, the same has been happening with projector screens. essentially a projector screen is surface separate from your projector which you will need and use to project your presentations, images and videos. In years past many projector owners would simply paint a certain portion of their wall white and use that as a permanent projection screen. As easy as it sounds and cheap it might be, this method has many limitations including inability to move the screen from one location to another in the same room unless you have to repaint.

Apart from the good old approach of painting your wall for your projector screen, the market is also filled with manual screens to use with your projector. These are often mounted on a stand that can be moved from one place to another in a room. These are easy to assemble and can be set-up in the shortest possible time. Other types of screens include electric screens which are mounted to your wall in a room and are controlled up and down by a remote control. Most people who purchase electric screens are concerned about the smoothness of the roll up and down.

Further, electric screens as much as they are convenient and fairly easy to use at the press of a button they also bring into consideration other issues such as electric parts and motors that may malfunction and affect performance. They also need to maintain good tension which gives a smooth fine surface for projection. It will likely cost on average up to $200.00 to get a good projector screen that you can use in years to come.

Finally when considering a screen, take into account the size of your screen and aspect ratio. A lack of diligent consideration of screen size may easily result in a purchase of two small a screen for your big projector. Small mini and micro projectors are the ones that often go well with smaller screens.