Working CityVille Cheats

Working CityVille Cheats

There are a lot of false CityVille cheats and programs going around that either give you false information or don’t work. To be to honest there is no secret CityVille cheat codes or CityVille cheat programs that help you get unlimited coins, unlimited cash, unlimited energy The only way to obtain these is to either work for them or pay for them sorry to break it to you. On the other hand there are a few neat CityVille tricks that can help you progress faster in the game without having to spend countless time on getting extra coins or waiting for energy. I am going to show you two of the top working CityVille tricks to help you get extra coins and extra energy.

The energy cheat

First off this will require more than one account so you will have to go and create another Facebook account yes I know it’s a pain but it’s worth it. Energy doesn’t grow on CityVille trees so this trick is here to help you save energy when building new buildings.

This trick will work best if you decide to add all your building foundations that you need at once so when you login with your secondary account you can build up to 5 of them at once.

How it works:

• You have to place the building on your main account which will be account 1.

• Then switch to account 2 and visit account 1’s city click on the buildings to help build

• Then switch back to account 1 accept help on buildings and the building constructions will advance one step but don’t click it yet!

• Last and final step is to refresh Browser and the building will continue to build until its complete

The decoration cheat

When you collect money from one of your businesses it will cost you one energy point. So operating 11 separate business’s will cost you 11 energy points to collect. The main principle here is by using the decorations to increase the payout of your business’s by up to 200% or more you will get more coins per energy point that you would of already used if you had to collect the same amount from two businesses.

Build a hotspot for a building by surrounding it with the whichever decorations you can afford which payout the best then its best to save up and buy the best decorations as you will be moving your businesses in and out of this hotspot. Once you have done this then you are free to move a building to that spot when you need to collect from it meaning you can easily double the earnings of a business. Using this cheat you will earn maximum profits using minimal energy. This is extremely good if you have not long started out and want a quick head start in the game.

Serious CityVille players use guides and strategies upon how to build their city empire, some of the best players have based the game tactics on guides and I advise if you want to be good at it and dominate your friends I suggest you get a decent guide. A website that will improve your game play, that offers everything you’ll ever need to know from tips, cheats and strategies to neigbors is here.