Shaman Leveling Tips

The Shaman has proven to be one of the most versatile and easiest classes in World of Warcraft to level. This is truly a one-class-does-it-all character that brings more to a raid or PvP group than most other classes. While they are great for group play, they are just as much fun if you prefer to play solo. With a few Shaman leveling tips you will fly through the lower levels, murder the mid levels and take over the top levels.

As with all lower level toons, use the first 10 levels to get familiar with your Shammy character. This give you time to understand the mechanics of playing a Shaman, using your totems and most of all find out that manna drinks will be your best friends as you will burn through manna faster than any other toon in the game. Make sure that every time you go out, you are carrying plenty of level appropriate manna drinks. In order to do the most damage, once you hit level 10 you need to spec elemental. The other two specs use less manna, but also deal far less damage.

Beyond choosing the right spec, your best friends are going to be your totems. As you level you are going to gather a large collection of them and need to make sure that you always use as many totems as your level will let you have out at once up to a full four. You should never go into solo combat without dropping your totems as they are for doing ranged damaged, healing and protection. You will take less damage and deal more out with your totems active.

You have weapons buffs; take the slower weapons that are far more accurate and keep the buffs on them. Slower weapons are more accurate and do more damage than the faster weapons at lower levels. Shammy’s character burns manna fast, you will need to carry not only plenty of manna drinks, but try to keep plenty of manna pots on hand.

Finally like all other classes, group your quests together to create a pattern of completing as many as possible each time you leave town. If you group them together, you are going to finish them all much faster. Stick to quests at or just below your level, you still get excellent XP and you can complete them very quickly. Higher numbers of quests completed per hour will help to level far more quickly than you would if you were to do one quest at a time.