Easy CityVille Warehouse Guide

Are you wondering what to do with all those CityVille Christmas decorations? If so, you are in for some great news. CityVille recently introduced a Warehouse into the CityVille game. The purpose of this Warehouse is to store those out of season decorations. While using the CityVille Warehouse is pretty easy, the setup can be a little difficult. To help get you started, here is a quick guide on setting up and using the CityVille Warehouse.

Getting Started

In CityVille, the Warehouse becomes available once you reach level 12. Once level 12 is reached, the icon will appear in the quest area on the left hand side of the screen. After clicking on the Warehouse quest, a message appears that says the following. “It’s Time for Spring Cleaning! You can now store your decorations in the Warehouse! Place it from your inventory, and store Decorations in it!” After the introductory message, you will receive the quest information for the Warehouse.

Start Building

To access the Warehouse, first go to your inventory screen. Once you have located the Warehouse in your Inventory, just select it to place the building in your city. Make sure that you have room on your map to place the building, as the Warehouse has a footprint of a regular business. To start building, you will need ten energies. For this reason, you will want to start this process with a full energy bar. Part of the Warehouse quest includes staffing your new Warehouse. These positions include a Shipping Manager, Floor Supervisor, and Forklift Driver. Staffing the Warehouse is very similar to the staffing of other Community Buildings. You will need three of your friends to fill these positions.

Moving Items in the Warehouse

After the Warehouse is built and staffed, you will be able to access your warehouse by using the warehouse tool. Like the other Move, Rotate, and Remove tools, the Warehouse tool can be found by clicking on the multi-tool button. This button is located on the bottom right hand side of the screen. Once the warehouse tool is selected, decorations can be moved into the storage area by clicking on them.

Bring Items Out of Storage

When the actual warehouse building is selected (not the warehouse tool mentioned above) the warehouse menu will open. In the Warehouse Menu, stored decorations can be used by clicking on them. If more storage is required, just click on the “Add More Space” button to start the process. This process includes asking additional friends to help. Storage space is increase one space for every additional friend that helps. The top storage capacity is 12 spaces. Only one warehouse is available, so keep it safe.

Removing the Warehouse

The warehouse can be removed with the Remove Tool. Once removed, it will reappear back in the Inventory area. The Warehouse must be empty to remove it. If you wish to use the Warehouse again, you will need to rebuild it and expand the storage again.

Hope you found this quick guide helpful.