Printing Anything From Anywhere Is No Longer Impossible

It’s become often a necessity when using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop and is an essential part of your daily workflow. Let’s face it that even in our “green” world printing is still required and is not likely to disappear any time soon. In many industries, such as legal, insurance, medical, pharmaceutical, and government a live “wet signature” on a printed page is still required to execute a contract. Gartner research predicts that over 90% of the Fortune 1000 will implement cloud-based printing for mobile employees by 2014.

Here are a few cases in point. You receive a spreadsheet attachment on your smartphone, or tablet and need a way to view the document without squinting. You’ve revised a large document just as your plane lands, and need to print it before you arrive at your business meeting. Or maybe you are just staying with family out of town, and need to print a boarding pass directly from your phone. Perhaps you purchased last minute show tickets and need to print the eTickets. Whatever the case, wouldn’t you like to send a print job to the printer you have down the hall, or to a printer in an office supply superstore down the block, or even in your hotel’s lobby? How about sending a document from Montreal to your own printer back in Vancouver?

Mobile printing technology now makes this possible. Printers with wireless or internet connectivity can communicate beyond a specific user or workgroup. And printer vendors and third party vendors; all happy to help you collaborate, remain productive and print when needed while in the office or on the road from your mobile devices; are providing solutions that use e-mail or cloud-based print servers as the backbone for sending print output. Large companies like Apple, Google, and HP have technologies that address issues such as reaching older printers, or finding places to print when you’re on the road. There are also a number of manufacturer independent solutions available from Breezy, EFI, PrinterOn, Drivve, and Lantronix to name several.

With mobile printing apps enterprises can provide their staff with mobile device printing services within their own network. This can be important to enterprises with a significant investment in mobile devices or who are adopting BYOD. It is surly better than lugging around the laptop and then printing that important document for your next meeting.

Using the cloud services available with most mobile printing apps you can use enabled printers at locations such as hotels who provide the service in their lobby business centres. The cloud service of these apps will also geo locate the closest printer location and pinpoint it for you on your device. Apps are generally available for Apple, Android, Blackberry and PC devices. Users also have the option of printing from the Web by logging into their app’s web server. You also have your home network covered as well. I can attest to mobile printing’s reliability as my wife, I and guests use it in our home to print material from our smartphones and tablets.

I am convinced that these apps are a definite must for today’s mobile device user.