Ways to Enforce an Anti Theft System in Your Laptop

Ways to Enforce an Anti Theft System in Your Laptop

As per statistics, 97 per cent of stolen laptops are never recovered. Moreover, reports say that one laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. With such disturbing figures, it is important to enforce a theft prevention technique for your laptop. Often, the information in a laptop is far more important than the laptop itself. At such times, it becomes very necessary to enforce an anti theft system in your laptop to protect it.

Many thieves prefer a laptop that is equipped with lesser security. Therefore, use of restraints and visual locks discourage theft. You can make use of a product that claims something like the system will work only after attaching a unique system plate that is registered and barcoded. Such products also display warning signs to say that the ownership of the laptop is constantly monitored.

For protecting the important information on your laptop, make use of passwords and techniques like encryption. Your encryption code should be sophisticated enough to fool a digital pro hacker. There are various encryption programs available in the market that allow you to encrypt your data from unauthorized access. Likewise, it is always advisable to set up a BIOS password for your system as an anti theft measure.

There are many programs that can be installed on your laptop for safety measures. One such software is Snuko that helps tracking down your laptop after it has been stolen. This software takes pictures of who is operating the system. It also takes various snapshots of the desktop making it easier for you to determine what an unauthorized user has been doing with your system. It incorporates the use of GeoLocation which allows it to identify exactly where your laptop is hidden. The best part about this software is that it encrypts all the important files on your laptop right after it has been reported lost. Not only this, but it also creates a backup of all these files so that only you will be able to access them.

You can also make use of invisible ultraviolet markings for easy identification of stolen laptops. When these laptops are recovered, they will be marked as yours to the police. Another effective anti theft measure is to keep track of the serial number of your laptop. Only make sure you have it noted down in a different place other than your laptop.

It is always recommended to have a remotely controlled self destroy solution if you have any sensitive information stored on your system. If, at all, your laptop is stolen, you can always delete the important information remotely.