Best Inkjet Printer: A Review of the HP Officejet 6000 Color Inkjet Printer

For me, there is no best inkjet printer. I mean, in my point of view, people are looking for very different attributes in different printers. For instance, I want my inkjet printer to produce quality documents and photos but have a very low price. That for me is the best deal of a printer, and I found exactly what I wanted when I got the HP Officejet 6000 Color Inkjet Printer. Firstly, I got it on bargain at Amazon and it was on a 50% discount so I didn’t think twice about getting it. But what’s more important is this review wherein I will reveal everything about this model.


Quite common to the sight but still has good aesthetic value – that’s what came into my head when I saw this model. It’s a combination of white and dark gray and I think it’s a nice classy color. The device is quite compact with the dimensions of 18.03” x 15.31” x 6.45” and weight of 10.56 pounds. It’s easy to set in a desktop, computer table, shelf, or tabletop.

It has no display, which means that it’s a device that’s directly connected to a computer and everything is done there – editing, reading files, viewing photos, etc. However, it does have a plus when it comes to networking because it has an Ethernet port which you can use to connect it to a network together with several other computers and print files from them on this device.

Printing and Other Functions

Although I can’t confidently say that this is THE best inkjet printer, I can probably say that it’s one of the best. It’s a dedicated printer so it has no other function, but it does this job so well, there’s probably no need to ask for more. It can print as fast as 32 pages per minute for black printouts and 31 pages per minutes for colored printouts. The printer can produce output resolutions of up to 600 dpi for black ink documents and up to 4800×1200 dpi for colored documents.

One thing that this device doesn’t have that I think is an important feature of a printer is duplex printing. Although it does have a manual driver support included in the machine, it’s quite a hassle to still need to install it before being able to use it. At least it can be installed, I guess, and that’s what matters. It’s fully functional once you set it up successfully, anyway.

Now when it comes to the good features, I like the fact that it can print borderless on letter size paper, a feat which many inkjet models cannot do. The paper feeder can carry up to 250 sheets of paper so you won’t need to refill the tray every now and then. The duty cycle per month of the printer is up to 7000 pages so you can keep on printing as long as you don’t reach the limit too early in the month.

Other Features

This printer is network-capable so you can use it with several other computers. It also has an automatic paper-type sensor which adjusts the settings of the printer depending on the type of paper that’s in the feeder, so you won’t need to manually adjust them. If you’re printing on a photo paper, the printer setting adjusts automatically to the specifications needed for printing photos to optimize your printout quality. The device is also Energy Star qualified which I am particular about in every machine that I get – I don’t just benefit from using the device, I also get to help Mother Nature.


I have used several inkjet printers in my entire life, and although I haven’t found the best inkjet printer, I still think that the HP Officejet 6000 Color Inkjet Printer is a remarkable model which any user can be satisfied with. So if you ask me what inkjet printer I would highly recommend, my answer would be this model.