Data Loss Due to Damaged Internal Parts of the Hard Drive

Data Loss Due to Damaged Internal Parts of the Hard Drive

Hard drives consist of several internal components that are very delicate and can get damaged at any point of time. Even small jerks may cause irrevocable damage to the drive and therefore to all the data stored in it. Since it is memory of a computer system, one needs to be very careful while shifting the computer from one place to another, as any mishap can prove costly if the it gets damaged. Generally, computer users do not take backup of the entire drive, which means all the important data that is now not accessible might just get lost. Damaged drives need to be handled even more cautiously and given proper treatment for recovery, which is done by Data Recovery Services companies.

Computers often need to be shifted from one work station to another in offices. While doing so, if the CPU falls and gets damaged, then, even the drive too might be in serious trouble as it may be subject to damage of several internal components like spindle motor, platters, etc. This may lead to a non-functional hard drive, resulting in complete non accessibility of data.

Why this happened?

When the drive falls, all the parts within get affected by the impact.

The read-write heads may scratch the platters

The head assembly may break.

The shaft motor could get damaged.

Any of the parts getting damaged has a domino effect and renders the drive non-usable.

How to resolve the problem?

Physical damage of the internal components of the hard drive, requires opening the hard drive to extract data and then saving it on another drive. This problem can be solved by our technicians. They have the knowledge and experience to fix the damaged hard drive completely to extract data from it to save it into another drive. The procedure of Data Recovery from a damaged drive is carried out under the sterilized and safe environment of Clean Room to ensure the safety and integrity of data stored on the hard drive.

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