The Future of Monitoring and Security Industry: Remote Guarding

What is Remote Guarding?

Remote guarding can be simply defined as a revolutionary re-combination of security systems, software, processes and staff to leverage technology to most effectively protect your business. Instead of using often ineffective live security personnel, which is costly, remote guarding utilizes remote staff to manage live events via installation of a custom digital guarding system at each client facility. The client site elements of the system include military grade video analytics for human and vehicle detection to turn advanced surveillance cameras and CCTV into digital guards that detect malicious activities or individuals within your premises.The proven success of this service is based on having highly-trained security agents operating from an advanced, disaster prepared Command Center, using highly automated tools and specialized procedures, all integrated to maximize client facility’s security.

The Benefits of Remote Guarding

Remote surveillance and guarding provides dramatic advantages compared to other traditional security approaches such as CCTV systems and/or hiring security officers. Here are some of them:

True Loss and Crime Prevention

Remote Guarding provides never before seen levels of crime and loss preventions through completely remote, real-time, live event command, control and management of security at client facilities. This digital guarding system detects intruders and supports direct communication to intruders, informing them that their activities are being observed and recorded before they can commit crime or vandalism.

Cost Savings from Efficiency

As a business owner or manager, you want to maximize your profits at the same time minimize your expenses. The proprietary combination of state-of-the-art technology, software, processes and staff significantly reduces the cost of security by more than fifty percent. Remotely managed digital guards, which never go to sleep, take breaks, file for workers compensation, or make deals with criminals, are more cost-effective than human guards.

True Benefits Beyond Security

Remote guarding is also effective in protecting your establishment against trivial liability claims made by employees or customers. With access to truly user-friendly video management software and high-definition cameras, you can quickly create and use video evidence to address false claims and accusations, including admissibility in court.

Law Enforcement

Police are only called when agents can report they are a live eye witness to a crime or other event in progress, with professional communication of situational awareness, from first report through resolution of the event, including live, real time relay of situational information such as intruder descriptions, location, movements and presence of weapons.