Common PC Computer Problems

Anyone who has to use a PC at work has certainly run into computer problems. From simple lockups and freezes to more serious issues including a dead power supply and crashed hard drive the list of computer errors is almost endless. Some of these problems can be easily fixed by shutting down and restarting the system but other will require the skill and technical know-how of a professional computer repair specialist. Before you reach for the phone to call in IT support take a moment to review some of the more common computer problems and see if you might be able to fix the problem yourself. If the problem is more widespread, such as malware or a virus then you will want to shut down your system and get professional help.

People like to think computers are magic and will always work. However, these are intricate machines and when you have circuit boards, memory chips, software programs and applications loaded up its very easy for systems t experience errors and malfunctions. Some of the most common problems include slow performance, strange whirring noises, screen freezes and programs that are not responding. Again, many of these issues are temporary and can be cleared with a simple reboot but if the problems are recurring and preventing you from finishing your work there may be a more serious error occurring.

When people refer to computer problems they are more often referring to problems with the internet. The majority of work being done on PC’s is through the use of the internet and workers need to remember that the more browsers you have open the more power it is taking. It’s not unusual for someone at work to open several browsers at once and when this happens the computer is most likely going to slow down. Keeping an eye on your internet activity and closing sites and tabs you are not using often will free up your system and return your computer’s speed to its normal level.

Unfortunately one common problem isn’t so easily fixed. Unknowingly thousands of PC users download viruses and malware everyday and don’t know about it until the system crashes. Opening emails from people you don’t know, visiting suspicious websites and clicking on links you do not recognize are all tricks hackers use to get a virus into your system. Being alert while using email is very important since your system is probably networked to the rest of the office and a virus that gets into your system can easily spread to the server and affect everyone’s machines. Be smart when using your PC and if you encounter any problems that you don’t feel comfortable trying to troubleshoot contact a trusted IT solutions company to help resolve your computer problem.