Starcraft 2 Zerg Vs Zerg Strategy – 3 Strong ZvZ Strategies in SC 2

Zerg vs Zerg matchups can be very boring if you only stick to one strategy and your opponent does the same. Use these 3 ZvZ strategies to change it up and keep your opponents guessing which one you’re going to do next. Plus knowing more strategies will make the game more fun to play since there’s not as much repetition.

ZvZ Strategy #1: Quick Roaches Then Mutalisks

This strategy focuses on getting some Roaches out fast to defend against Zerglings and Banelings. You only need enough Roaches to defend against your opponents army, so be sure to scout to see how big it is. If he goes for an all-in Baneling play then build a few more Roaches to soak up those hits.

Once your economy gets a little better upgrade to a Lair and throw down a Spire. If you get Mutalisks before your Zerg opponent has any anti-air you’ll be in a very good position to get way ahead economically or take the win right away.

Zerg v Zerg strategy #2: Mass Queens

This is a pretty unique ZvZ strategy, as it involves getting an army of a unit that is mainly thought of as a defensive unit, the Queen. Queens move very slow if there’s no Creep under them, so it’s important to be very proactive spreading your Creep.

Get a lot of Roaches to get out front and take the hits for your Queens, and use the Queens Transfuse ability to keep your Roaches alive. If Mutalisks come out you’ll be well protected as Queens are great against air units.

ZvZ Strat #3: 10 Pool & Fast Banelings

This is thought of as more of a cheese build, but you can transition into a real build very easily if you do it right. Put your Spawning Pool down on 10 supply and build a fast Baneling Nest. Get Banelings into his base early and go after his Drones. If you get 4 Banelings or so and approach his mineral line from each side you’re almost guaranteed to get some juicy Drone kills.

After crippling his economy transition put a couple defenses up and transition into a macro heavy style of play to get ahead in economy and wear down your Zerg opponent.

No matter which Zerg vs Zerg strategy you choose to implement, it’s very important that you have good macro or else none of them will be very effective. Focus first on your macro, then on the specific strategy you are going for.