Final Fantasy 14 Ul’dah Guide – Guide To Ul’dah Leveling In FF XIV

Final Fantasy 14 Ul’dah Guide – Guide To Ul’dah Leveling In FF XIV

Looking for a quick Final Fantasy 14 Ul’dah guide to help you with your leveling? If you’re just starting out in this starter city then this article will give you a few tips on how you can level up quickly and efficiently. Let’s get into it.

Finding A Good Spot to Level

Usually in these kinds of games where you have thousands or hundreds of people around you don’t want to be following the crowd. The more people you have in a given area is the harder it’s going to be to quest there because they will continually defeat whatever mobs you need and/or not leave anything left for people behind them. So to deal with this it’s usually better to find a spot that doesn’t have a lot of people, and hopefully has a dense amount of mobs and creatures that are needed for the quests you’re doing.

Stay in Ul’dah Before Moving Elsewhere

Another mistake I see people making when they are leveling is they try to discover too many areas at once, and attempt to pick up all the quests they see. When you do this you will really diminish the amount of experience you get per hour because you will be wasting too much time running around, zone to zone, city to city. For this to work out the quickest way possible you need to stick to one zone, one city, and one quest hub – then move on once you’ve turned them all in.

Skip Tough Quests in Ul’dah That Waste Time

One thing that has to be gone over in this Final Fantasy 14 Ul’dah guide is that there are some quests which you need to skip. If you are into the lore and want to know all of the “secrets” and storylines, then you should probably do every single quest – but if you just want to power level to 50 as fast as possible I really recommend that you skip the harder quests. You can find these quests by checking if they send you really far away, or make you gather some hard to find or rare items.

Using A Step by Step Ul’dah Guide To Easily Power Level Your Characters

If you want to power level as fast as possible, and start right now, then it’s highly recommended that you start using a step by step leveling guide.