Final Fantasy 14 Class Guide – Learn Everything You Need To Know About Classes In FF XIV

Looking for a quick Final Fantasy 14 class guide to help you understand how the classes are laid out, and how they each level? Let’s get into it and find out a few tips that you can take to the game today to help you power level throughout the game.

How Classes Are Laid Out In Final Fantasy XIV

Unlike other games, these classes are all laid out under specific Disciplines, which will influence what class you actually are. For instance, there are four Disciplines in Final Fantasy 14.

Discipline of the Hand, Land, War, and Magic. As you can imagine, each of these has something to do with what class you’ll actually be. For example, Disciples of War are usually gladiators, warriors, and those kinds of units that use physical and brute force to defeat their enemies. Magic, of course, would consist of sorcerers, wizards, and mages – which are very powerful but weaker up close. Gatherers and crafters are disciples of the hand and land.

How Leveling Differs with Each Class You Use (Important)

This is one of the key differences in this game, and something that should be gone over in any good Final Fantasy 14 class guide. The thing that is different is the way that you level when you’re a different class. If you’re a disciple of war, you’re going to be a warrior or something similar that “fights” his way up through the levels by defeating mobs and completing quests. However, if you’re a disciple of the hand, or a disciple of the land – like a fisher, you will gain levels by doing what your class does: fishing! This makes it very easy for more passive people to level up in the game.

Using A Step by Step Leveling & Gil Making Guide For Any Class

If you need a bit more help with power leveling your characters and earning lots of gil, then I recommend you to download a step by step mastery guide.